About me


My name is Petr Kaštánek and I come from a beautiful city of Tábor located in South of the Czech republic. I have finished the Master's degree and graduated with honours at Faculty of Information Technology at CTU in Prague. I am currently a .NET developper in companies VitSoft s.r.o. and Meta Healthcare IT Solutions both speicalizing for software for medical purposes.

Why to pick me?

I am responsible and reliable. I do not fear challenges and problems. My confidence is based on experience and there, where they are not any yet, I am ready to create them with my full commitment.


Except from photographing and computers, I like playing piano, reading (from news to poetry), traveling, going to theater, watching movies and series, running and hitchhiking all around the galaxy.

Write me

For other information, references or examples of my work, please contact me. Do not fear me, I do not bite.


I have finished the Master's degree and graduated with honours at Faculty of Information Technology at Czech Technical University in Prague.. I have already been developing commercial applications in C# language and related technologies for several years. I can also create smartphone apps for Windows Phone and Android. I am a curious person and I am constantly trying to expand my knowledge and try new technologies (lately I have been playing with Arduino and 3D printing).

I can speak and write English fluently, which confirms an FCE certificate and a fact, that I have studied information technologies at Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano (SEMP programme) for one semester.

If you want to know more about my professional history, please visit my LinkedIn profile or write me about details, references or my CV.


C#, WPF, WinForms, DevExpress FW, Entity FW, Linq,…

I have many (commercial) experience with developing desktop programs in Visual Studio on .NET platform and related technologies.

Smartphone apps

Windows Phone & Android

I have experience with developing smartphone apps for the Windows Phone platform. You can download a simple app The meaning of Liff or very popular one Najdi-lékárnu.cz (in Czech only). I am also lately interested in developing for the Android platform.


as you cannot do anything serious without databases

I can create SQL scripts or relational databases design. I also have a certificate Oracle Academy Database Programming with SQL

…and more

Java, C++, Python,…

I am constantly trying to improve even in other technologies from the world of IT and I am not afraid of learning anything new. From programming languages and OS administration to support technologies as Git or Jira.

After the last update this is one of the best apps made by Czech developers!


Translated from the reviews of my app Najdi-lékárnu.cz for Windows Phone

Anythnig else I did?

I participated at two Campus Party events in Berlíně 2012 and London 2013 • I have studied for half a year at the USI university in Lugano, Switzerland • As a semester project, I have created a portable device, that can translate written text to Braille letters • I was a participant of BEST course about smartphone apps development (Gliwice, Poland) • …and another BEST course about testing (Timișoara, Romania) • I have been photographing as a main photographer for a student organization Silicon Hill with more than 4 200 members • and also this • I was the main photographer for the EBEC Prague 2015 organized by BEST Prague • I also did a photo cover for one event for Culture Ticino Network (Lugano, Switzerland) • I sell my photographs at Dreamstime. • I have studied piano playing at Elementary Art School of Oskar Nedbal in Tábor for many years • I also sometimes make some simple web pages such as this one (I have also created the logo) • I created the web pages for a project dealing with open Maturita state examination data data-mat.cz • I was a participant of an ATHENS course about inteligent and autonomous vehicles (ENSTA Paris, France) • I was an official photographer at Prague Majáles festival 2017 • I am incorporated in the Czech Trade Licensing Register under ID 052 39 907

Contact me

To contact me about photographing, developing, hitchhiking around the galaxy or to send me some spam (as spam I mean the food of course), please do not hesitate to contact me by email or any of the social networks.

  • You can find me in the Czech republic in Prague, Tábor, superpositions between them and sometimes even elsewhere.
  • +420 728 626 873
  • petr@kastanek.org